An 1869 Evening Dress

based on a dress from the Victoria and Albert Museum

Views of the dress pretrimming. I put the flounces on the skirt before putting the waistband on. It's much easier that way!

The finished flounces waiting to be put on the skirt. They're cut on the bias and only the top one is bound on the top edge. The overlap hides the raw edge of each flounce.

The first flounce attached.

All the flounces attached. The bias strip that covers the gathering stitches on the top flounce is pinned into place.

The sleeve is made by gathering the faille over a fitted polished cotton base. To gather the faille, it needs to be cut on the cross so you're not fighting the cords in the fabric. The bottom was then bound with satin.

The picture on the right shows the shape of the base for the back drapery.

The pieces for the back drapery.

The progress of the back drapery. Each piece was attached to the base shape and the seams were covered with satin bias. I decided to not make the back pieces puffy as in the original because it didn't look right with my skirt shape.

With everything but the large rosettes, binding and waist attached.

The finished drapery.

And the little piece that became the rosette on the belt

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