My First 18th Century Stays

My first set of 18th century stays. They're made from the J.P. Ryan pattern using a kit from the Silly Sisters which included linen canvas, a linen outer layer, linen lining and reed. I ended up using a plain linen to line them though, since I liked the print they sent so much I wanted to use it for something else--which I still haven't done.

Though the shape doesn't show very well on a dress form, you can see that they have no curves and the back is much higher than the front, which helps with the fashionable posture of the 18th century.

To make the stays, first I made the panels by sewing all the boning casings. Then I attached the finished panels. This method makes adjusting the stays very easy. The stays stretched and I had to make them smaller twice. To do that, I just had to unpick the seams, take out a bone or two, and resew them.

The lining is separate. First, I pinned it on, then I attached it by sewing it in the binding.

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