A Late 1830s Evening Bodice

The fitted lining of the bodice. There's one dart on either side of the center front seam. The boning casings are sewn over the darts, and over the center front seam. The side seams have been made into boning casings. All the boning, both at the front and sides, has been removed.

The lining is shorter than the silk. It's finished with a half inch hem. There is a small piece of linen with "Roy" written in pencil on it at the center of the neckline. Although the cotton and silk are treated as separate pieces of fabric at the neckline, they're sewn together as one at the side seams.

The back closes with hooks and eyes. The silk is folded over the back, forming a facing. The silk is folded over on the back neckline, and hemmed into place. So, unlike the front, the two fabrics act as one piece of fabric.

Details of the neckline, and the piping finishing the waistline. The darts can be seen coming out above the casings.

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