An 1862 Ball Gown

for the mourning of Prince Albert

The entire sleeve was mounted on a base of white polished cotton and cotton net. First, the net base was sewn to the polished cotton base.

Next, the first puff of white net was made by folding a piece of net in half and gathering the top. It was then sewn to the base.

This was repeated with a second piece of net, and the net undersleeve was inserted into the silk sleeve and they were sewn into the bodice as one.

The plain bodice. I took pictures each step of the way while decorating it.

First, I put a ruching of taffeta around the neckline. It narrowed at the shoulders and was at its widest in the center front and back. Then I trimmed each edge with velvet ribbon.

Then I started beading. Each bead flower is made with a center bead that was 1mm larger than the six surrounding beads.

The beading continued around the back.

And the beading on the sleeves.

The finished bodice!

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