A Blue Printed Cotton 1780s Gown

From The Northern Society of Costume and Textiles

Pictures of me in my blue print 1780s dress taken at the New Castle (built in the 1400s) in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. The dress is from the pattern by the Northern Society of Costume and Textiles. The original dress is dated to the 1790s and was used by a French woman to escape the Revolution. The same style did appear in the 1780s, which is the date I decided to use. The fabric comes from Designer Fabrics Online.It's lined with white linen and entirely handsewn. I'm wearing it over a shift, my 18th century stays, a small bumroll, a pocket and two petticoats. I'm also wearing a Kannik's Korner cap in Swiss cotton organdy and a miniature of a black cat (made to go with my Hogwarts ghost dress for Costume Con 22) by Kate Johnson. My kerchief can be seen on the ground beside me.

The seated and back views. I'm being very good and wearing my kerchief in the first picture. In the second picture, you can see that the bumroll isn't really to support the skirt, but to support the peplum of the jacket.

A somewhat 3/4 view, and another good view of the peplum. You can also see how sheer the organdy for the cap is. I love the lighting in this picture :)

And for good measure, pictures of the dress from Costume College 2004.

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