A Corded Petticoat

My entirely handsewn, somewhat insane corded petticoat. The petticoat is made from two widths of cotton broadcloth and is 90 inches around. It's corded with 62 rows of Sugar and Cream crochet cotton, which is about 1/8 inch in diameter. The cords are sewn in with a running stitch. The petticoat is gathered evenly all around and closes with a button on the left side.

Also, introducing Pumpkin! Pumpkin, more commonly known as Miss Thing, since she was adopted as an already named five-year-old and therefore couldn't be named, but could certainly be nicknamed, was adopted this past February 2005 as a friend for Koshka. He seemed to like talking to the neighbor cat through the security door. Sadly, Koshka seems to hate her, but he probably loves her deep down inside :)

Pictures from Costume Con 23. I decided since so much work went into the corded petticoat and corded corset, that I wanted to wear them around. Plus, since I wore them Sunday, it was much easier to get ready for the historic masquerade that night, since I'd already have the corset on :)

Many thanks to Jack Krolak for the Costume Con pictures!!!

A side view and a view of the petticoat under two flounced petticoats, a plain petticoat and my 1840 dress. Though the petticoat does flatten somewhat under all that weight, it still gives good support and keeps things from wrapping around your ankles.


A close-up of the cording.

And a silly picture from Costume Con :)

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