Mid-Nineteenth Century Undergarments

Here's a step by step of what goes under the gown.  A few pieces are missing, I don't have any drawers or pictures of an underhoop petticoat.  My underhoop petticoat was actually made as a Regency waist petticoat, but it works for both eras!

I used the Laughing Moon pattern for the chemise and corset, and used the free instructions at Elizabeth Stewart Clark's website to make the petticoat.  The hoop is made from a kit from Originals By Kay.

The Chemise


It should have sleeves, but it doesn't.  The sleeveless chemise is a later invention...

The Corset



Believe it or not, this is really quite comfortable!  It just gives the proper support and line needed under a Civil War era dress.

The Hoop


The hoop and always curious Koshka.  Yes, the hoop is unfinished.  I will do that someday, but it is functional for trying things on!  It has a 108" circumference.

The Petticoat

These pictures are a great example of why you need a petticoat over your hoops.  Note that you can see the bones through it.  This would be very tacky if it were a dress.

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