An Edwardian Waist, c 1905

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A very clear detail of the lace.  The stripes are the overlaps from the strips of lace being sewn together.  The pattern is woven in.  The slightly ruffled piece on the top of the corner is the same pattern lace, only with a scalloped edge.


The decoration on the sleeves mirrors the decoration on the front.  There is a lace insertion going straight down from the shoulder and V shapes radiate out from it.  The sleeves are quite full and three-quarter length.


Details of the upper sleeve.


 The lace pattern on the cuff matches the pattern on the neckline, with the lace sewn together edged with scalloped lace.

A closeup of the back collar.  The buttons on the collar close with thread loops.  The buttons on the organdy close with regular buttonholes.

The Waist
The Inside

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