Meet Koshka

And Pumpkin and Lola

Koshka is your guide to the site. Whenever you see him, click on his picture and he'll take you home!

Koshka is the oldest feline resident. He was born in July or August of 1999 and was adopted January 2000. He's a sweet little thing when he wants to be, but can be quite the brat. He's quite amusing though, and I wouldn't want him any other way. His name, poor guy, means girl cat in Russian, but it stuck before I noticed my mistake!

Pumpkin is the second feline resident. She came with her name, since she was adopted as a five year old. She was born February 2000, making her just a little younger than Koshka. She enjoys naps, her food and hissing at Lola.

Lola is a little rescue kitty who moved in August 26, 2005. She was probably born in May of the same year. She's one of the sweetest kitties on the planet, likes sitting up on her hind legs, Pit'r Pats and trying to play with the big kitties.

Home, please!