A Regency Necklace

The necklace I made to wear with my blue and white Regency ball gown. It's based off an original I found on eBay. My reproduction is made with seed beads, which are a little heavier than the original, which used cut steel beads, but still have a pretty effect, and vintage blue beads that I found on eBay. I also made a matching set of bracelets, which follow the same technique except both rows of beading are the same length.

To start out, I tied four strands of silk thread to a clasp and threaded them through a few beads. Then I separated the threads and continued beading.

Once the bottom row of beads was about one and half times as long as the top, I rejoined the strands.

I repeated the procedure, this time adding a blue bead to join the strands.

And continued until it was long enough!

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