Regency Undergarments

Women still wore a lot of underwear under the flimsy Regency style dresses.  Here it is, layer by layer...


The first layer of clothing was a shift.  This one is made from the Kannik's Korner pattern, which is very authentic.  It's sewn entirely by hand. The only modern element is the drawstring, which is poly.  I can't find a cotton drawstring anywhere locally.  Also, the wrinkles are from wearing it under the stays.  I should have ironed it before pictures, but didn't, and this is a kind of interesting view anyway...

A close-up of the underarm gussett.

The next layer, the corset, stays as they were called during the Regency.  They're very different than what most people think of when they hear "corset."  They would have been worn over a shift, I photographed them without it so the details would show up clearly.  I used 2 layers of cotton drill and a cute white on white cotton print for the top layer.  The pattern is the Mantua Maker 1810-30 Stays pattern, which I highly recommend. 

The side picture shows how the busk gives the lift and separate look of the Regency. 

A close up of the lacing.  Note that the stays are single-laced not cross laced, which is more familiar. The eyelets were done by hand.

The Busk.  I ordered it from Grannd Garb. Basically a piece of wood that you shove down the front of the stays to ensure good posture.  It's not uncomfortable actually.  What is uncomfortable is that I can't get the stays laced tightly enough when the busk is in so the stays ride up. 

And the waist petticoat is next.  I made this when I noticed that my stays showed under my dress.  Oops.  I didn't use a pattern, it's just two panels of cotton sewn to a waistband and probably not very period correct, but pretty, lace at the hem.

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