A Late 1860s Sheer Bodice

The back gathers, like the front, don't blouse over the waistband. Therefore, the silhouette is maintained in back as well. On the right, a close up of the lace on the cuff. The cuff is self-lined, and the lace is sewn with a running stitch to the bottom and top edges of the cuff. The two rows of lace overlap slightly.

Close ups of the closures. The stitches on the buttonhole are incredibly tiny and close to one another. In contrast, the hook is sewn on somewhat sloppily. However, it's very secure and still gets the job done. The center front is turned back 1 inch to make a placket for the closures.

The collar, like the cuffs, is self lined. The lace is sewn to the inside of the collar. The collar is 1/2 inch tall.

A close up of the shoulder seam and the lace on the cuff. The cuff closes with a hook and thread eye.

The waistband and collar closures. The bodice is a little small for my dressform in these areas! The waistband is faced with a plain white cotton. This area needs a little more strength than just the sheer cotton could provide.

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