A 1921 Vionnet Dress

Reading a 1920s National Cloak and Suit Style Book while wearing my 1921 Vionnet dress at Costume College. The dress is made of a lightweight, crepe-like silk. It's from the pattern in Patterns of Fashion, but the same dress appears in Vionnet by Betty Kirke. The dress is a combination of hand and machine sewing, which was done on my 1917 hand crank Singer 99k.

The front and back views. The skirt is made of 8 petals cut in four sections. There are hand sewn seams at the edges of the petals, which makes them stand out. The skirt was meant to have ten, but I made a cutting mistake in the points on the bodice resulting in a narrower skirt. Fortuntately, it was still full enough and was much easier to hem!

The bodice is quite full and narrows at the hips. The skirt is held in place by a self fabric belt.

More views!

A detail of the points on the bodice and skirt. I hand sewed these into place, as it was easier than machine sewing.

The slip that goes under the dress. I used the Past Patterns Flapper Combination Underwear which was extremely simple.

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