A Corset, c. 1820-1840

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The inside front of the corset, showing the gussets and the busk pocket.   The busk pocket is slightly shorter on the lining than the outside fabric.  Instead of being bound, it is hem with a narrow hem.


A close up of  the gussets.  The gusset on the left, like on the front side, is slightly frayed at the point. The actual color is between these two pictures.


A detail of the strap and a tear in the lining.  The seam allowances were pressed open before the two layers of the corset were put together.  This is visible because the seam allowance consists of just one layer of outer fabric and one layer of lining fabric.


The seams are done with the following method. The twill layer was sewn independently of the lining layer. The seam allowances were folded down prior to being sewn. The pieces being sewn were then sewn close to the fold, which left a small ridge. The seam allowances on the lining were then folded under and whipstitched to the edges of the ridge, leaving the ridge exposed. This makes a very firm seam.

The Outside

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