A Late 1860s Bodice

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The view from the inside.  The bodice is flat lined with a lightweight cotton twill and blue polished cotton.  The band collar is a folded over piece of silk.  The buttonholes are faced with a folded over piece of silk.  The buttons are sewn to both the silk and twill lining.  The silk extends slightly past the lining and ends in the selvedge edge.  The  bones are sewn into the darts.  All seams have been overcast to prevent ravelling.


The sleeve cuffs are faced with the green dress silk.  The side seams are quite wide, which would allow the dress to be altered though the dress shows no signs of alterations.


On the left, the watch pocket from the inside.  It's made of the dress silk.  The right shows the lining and the the stitch lines from the narrow tucks that give the outer layer the look of a three piece back.  The lining has a tuck taken in, which doesn't appear on the outer layer of the dress.


Details of the collar and cuff.  The tuck in the center back of the lining is visible as well.

A detail of the running stitch used to attach the trim.   I think this is an important detail because it shows that an easy, quick stitch can be quite sturdy!  It has lasted nearly 140 years :)

The Outside

Late 1860s Bodice Home

Home now, please