A c. 1894 Leg O'Mutton Bodice

A bodice with leg o' mutton sleeves from about 1894. It's made from what I believe to be a silk wool blend, with green wool threads in the warp and gold silk threads in the weft. This makes a fabric with a slight sheen where both colors stand out, instead of like a shot silk, where they blend. The bodice is lined with brown polished cotton and trimmed with brown silk velvet. It's boned with 8 metal bones. It closes with 16 hooks and eyes.

The bodice measurements are: bust 32 inches, waist, 25 inches, center front, 14 inches, center back 15 1/2, inches, bow 12 inches.

The bodice lining is fitted with darts and the green fabric is pleated and mounted onto the lining. The bodice is then flatlined and the seam edges are pinked and overcast. There is no center back seam; instead, the center back is placed on the fold.

The center back lining is fitted and the green fabric is pleated over it, the same way the front is. The side back and side panels are flat over the lining.

A close-up of the fabric showing the difference in threads. If you've seen the box that the deluxe edition of Dressing a Galaxy is in, it's a nearly identical fabric!

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