A c. 1894 Leg O'Mutton Bodice

The bow is sewn at center front, There are marks at the tip of the bow and near the shoulder of the bodice that indicate it was sewn at the top edge. There's currently a pin holding it in place. It's lined with the green fabric.

The pin from both the right and wrong sides. The bow may have been pinned on the left side once the bodice was closed to keep it in place, though there are no marks to indicate this.

The sleeves are very tightly gathered. Only the green fabric is cut in the mutton shape, the lining only has a small amount of gathering. The green fabric is interlined with what appears to be a slightly stiff cotton.

Both sleeves are pieced. This appears to have been a fabric conservation method rather then structural, since the seams are in different places on each sleeve. On the right sleeve, both the upper and lower panels of the sleeve are pieced; on the left, only the upper sleeve is pieced. The underarm panel is not gathered.

Close-ups of the velvet band. It's cut to the shape of the bottom of the bodice. The right side of the band was sewn to the right side of the bodice. It was then turned right side out and folded to the inside. The inside edge was bound with a facing of green fabric.

The neckline is bound with plain black silk. This would've been hidden by a collar.

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