1780s Silk Taffeta Stays from Corsets and Crinolines

To make the stays, I sewed each panel together individually by turning the seam allowances of the taffeta and plain linen, which were treated as one, and the linen canvas and edge stitching those together. Then I whipstitched the panels together using a double thickness of silk thread. Once the panels were put together, I sewed the eyelets, a few boning channels and tried the stays on to check for fit. Then I sewed the rest of the boning channels, bound the stays and made the striped lining. I used the same pattern shapes and sewed them together normally. Then I folded the edges under and whipstitched the lining to the stays. I chose not to include this lining in the binding as in period it was done this way so the lining would be easily removble if it need to be replaced. Plus, it has the added benefit of being much easier!

The initial try on to check for fit. The tabs aren't cut and they're laced rather loosely, but it was obvious they would work!

After the first few boning channels, I took pictures of the stays each day. Those pictures are in order below.

The Stays
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