A Round Gown, c. 1760-1780

From Fitting and Proper by Sharon Ann Burnston

My late 18th Century Round Gown. It's made of blue linen and lined with white linen. I'm wearing it over 3 petticoats (2 linen, one cotton), my stays and my cuffed shift. It's accessorized with reproduction shoes from Fugawee,a linen kerchief, silk ribbon and a linen cap. Everything is sewn by hand.

I used the Woman's Gown no. 2 pattern from Fitting and Proper. The cap is the Adelaide from la Fleur de Lyse. I drafted the shift myself, based on my previous experience with the Kannik's Korner shift and the diagrams in both Fitting and Proper and Costume Close-Up.

The gown pattern was a dream to work with. The instructions were clear and, lucky for me, it was very close to my size. I just had to narrow the bust and lengthen the bodice a bit.

The front and back views of the dress.

A close up of the en forreau pleating on the back of the bodice, and one of the shoes.

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