An Edwardian Corset, c. 1905

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The stamps on the inside of the corset.  "Thompon's Glove-Fitting" and "Warner's Guaranteed Rust-Proof Corset Clasp"

Apparently rust-proof only applied to the busk.  The casing for this bone had come open so I was able to wiggle the bone out a little to look at it.  It's made of steel, very similar to modern steel boning.  It's been weakened by the rust and has left a rather large orange stain on the corset.

The lace.  The lace is a very delicate pattern and must have been beautiful when new.


On the left, a detail of the busk.  There's a wide bone underneath the stud portion of the busk. It's the width of the full busk and gives an added layer of support.  On the right, a detail of alterations to the top edge of the corset.  There are four tucks in the top edge of the corset, taking it in by 2-3 inches.  The seam to the left of the boning casing on the left (whew!) is the seam to a bust gusset.  

Koshka trying his paw at costume conservation.


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