A Gable Hood

The Pearls

It took a few tries for me to get the pearls and garnets to behave the way I wanted them to. Here's the method I came up with.

First, I secured the thread. Then I put a garnet, a pearl, and a garnet on the thread. The dot you see in pencil marks where I want the pearl to be centered. It took a little practice to get the spacing right.

Next, I sewed the three stones down.

I then couched the three stones down--just a few stitches in between each stone.

Next, I took the needle to the back, brought it out where I wanted the garnet to sit, threaded a garnet on it, and ran the thread under the pearl.

I then threaded another garnet on it and brough the needle to the back of the fabric to sew it down.

As before, I couched it into place.

And it worked nicely to keep everything how I wanted it :)

The Hood
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