A Dress from 1770


The bodice in progress. Untrimmed on the left, trimmed on the right. The bottom edge was finished when the skirt was attached. The silk was turned in, then the skirt slipstitched to it. Then the lining was turned under and slipstitched to cover the raw edge.

The skirt trimming process.

The top picture is the untrimmed skirt laid out.

The middle picture shows the process. I used a lid to draw the pattern on the skirt. It was just a matter of trial and error till I found the correct sized circle. I knew I wanted four circles. You can see the ruchings waiting to be put on the skirt on the left of the picture.

The bottom picture shows the trimmed pinning. I sewed the trim to the skirt using a running stitch. Not only is this stitch quick, but it keeps the trim and fabric from puckering. It also makes the trim easy to remove if fashions change :)

Putting the petticoat on. I love 18c petticoats since they're somewhat adjustable. So, the pleating doesn't have to be a perfect size. It closes with tapes. First, tie the tapes from the back, then tie the tapes from the front. Wrap them around your back and then tie them in front. Tuck them under your petticoat. You also have two slits to reach your pockets through.

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