A Dress from 1770

The Masquerade

My Script From the Masquerade

Katherine darling, how long must your suitor and I wait? (pause)
*finds necklace and puts it on

Katherine dear, it simply shouldn't take a lady this long to attire.
*give audience The Look

Your green ribbon? Whatever do you need that for? Put on the orange one and let's go. Nobody will see it under your hat. (pause)
*Katherine finds and puts on ribbon, frustrated and back to audience

Good, you found it. I'm glad, really dear. Now on with your hat and come downstairs. (pause)
*Katherine finds hat and bustles offstage

Good, you're ready. Katherine, this is Heathcliff.
(fade out)

With many thanks to Judy Mitchell for the idea and for Luci for taking my script and making it good and the entire historic masquerade staff for being so incredibly helpful!

The Dress
The Hat

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