Regency Underthings

especially for the embroidered regency dress

I needed a new set of underthings to go with my embroidered Regency dress. In addition to the corded corset, I needed a bodiced petticoat so the corset wouldn't show through my shift, pantalettes, to add an extra layer without adding too much extra fabric, and a new, lightweight shift. Everything is handsewn.

The bodiced petticoat is made with the same pattern as the dress, the 1820s ballgown from The Cut of Women's Clothes. It's sleeveless-the sleeves you see are from the shift- and is fitted in back and closes with hooks and eyelets. The neckline is cut slightly lower than that of the dress so it doesn't peek out. The skirt is the 1815 skirt from Period Costume for Stage and Screen and the hem is corded with 15 rows of Sugar and Cream crochet cotton.

The petticoat from behind, and a close-up of the cording.

The shift and pantalettes. The shift is from the Kannik's Korner 1790-1820 pattern and the pantalettes are the Mantua Maker pattern. Each pantalette ties separately around your waist. They're finished with tucks and lace, both popular decorations throughout the 19th century and into the early 20th century.

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