A Turn of the 19th Century Riding Habit

The riding habit is made of green wool challis with a brown cotton velvet collar. The skirt pattern is from Patterns of Fashion 1, as is the back of the bodice. The bodice front is based on a riding habit in Fashion by the Kyoto Costume Institute. The habit shirt and cravat are made of cotton batiste. The shirt is rectangular construction, based on shirts in Costume in Detail, Fitting and Proper and a habit shirt in The History of Underclothes. The hat is the Arched Brim, Straight Sides Hat by Lynn McMasters.

I'm wearing it over my 1790s stays, a high waisted petticoat with straps and pink linen closed drawers.

Two more views of the riding habit--from the side and with Lola.

Close ups of the front and back. The jacket closes with hooks and eyes. The buttons are just decorative--they're wooden buttons covered with matching wool.

Removing layers. In the first picture, with the shirt and cravat. In the second, just the shirt, in the third you can see the small bodice that holds the skirt up. The bodice wraps around front to just past the underarms.

Just the shirt. The shirt is shorter in back and has ties sewn to the center back that wrap around in front to keep the shirt in place.

Three views of the corset.

The hat lining--pink, of course! And the pink linen drawers. They're based off the Laughing Moon pattern.

Habit Shirt Construction

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