A Turn of the 19th Century Riding Habit

The little bodice that holds the skirt up. It's made of white silk taffeta and lined with cotton. It's basted to the skirt, which buttons at the waist.

The skirt is cartridge pleated in back. The bustle pad holds out the back just a little and gives the peplum on the jacket support.

The back from the right and wrong sides. The peplum is made by inserting a gusset into the back piece and attaching small triangula shapes to the edges.

The jacket fronts with parts of the peplum attached and the jacket turned inside out to show the pink silk taffeta and white China silk linings.

The front of the jacket is faced in green wool where the collar is turned back.

The peplum is hemmed, and the body of the jacket is edge stitched to the lining.

Inside views of the skirt showing the system for looping it up.

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