A c. 1877 Natural Form Bodice

The center back bone extends just past the waist, to where the center back seam splits

The center back piece and side back piece seams are extended at right angles just below the waist. The side back seam was sewn just past the extensions, which were then folded towards the sides and whipstitched to the lining, and then the rest of the seam was finished by hand.

More details of the pleats.

The bottom of the bodice is finished with a self-fabric facing. This extends just past the slit at center back.

More seam details. The clipping allows the curves to lay smoothly.

Left: The center back seam was sewn without matching the stripes.

Right: The lining is pieced on the right side.

A few of the stitches that secure the collar binding show through to the lining.

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