My 1820-1840 Corset Reproduction


I'm wearing the corset over my Kannik's Korner Regency shift.  Unfortunately, I don't have a busk.  I haven't found one to fit and my woodworking skills aren't quite up to that :).  A busk would smooth the front of the corset quite a bit and give a very straight line.


Standard front and back views.  The difference between a corset with boning and cording is very apparent, since boning would prevent the wrinkling, especially on the back laces.


You can see how the lower gussets fit very differently than the shorter gussets on earlier corsets.  The shape the corset gives is quite low and round.


Details of the lacing.  The corset is rather hard to lace.  As you can tell, I'm used to lacing Victorian corsets and I put a little too much emphasis on pulling the waist in.  The picture on the left was taken first, I then adjusted it to make it "better" in the second picture.  The first time I laced it (no pictures of that, unfortunately), I did it without the handles at the waist and it turned out better.


A comparison between corsets.  On the left, the 1830 corset, the Mantua Maker Regency Corset is on the right.  My drop-front dress doesn't really fit with the later corset, since it doesn't give the needed push up!

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