A c. 1884 Bustle Bodice

A bodice from the second bustle period, about 1883-1890, made from ribbed silk (which had many names in th 19th century, bengaline, faille, ottoman) and silk satin with a chenille design. The body and sleeves are lined with brown polished cotton and the cuffs are lined with stiff black linen. The lapels and collar are interlined with the same linen and the lapel is lined with a thin silk while the collar is lined with the ribbed silk. It is sewn with a combination of hand and machine sewing and shows evidence of being remade from an earlier garment. It doesn't appear to have been boned.

The bodice measurements are: bust 32 inches, waist 24 inches, center front (to waist) 13 inchs, center front (to bottom) 16 inches, center back (to waist) 16 inches and center back (to tails) 20 inches.

The three-quarter views. Even though the bodice is small, it still gives a very nice shape.

The side views. Bustles in the 1880s were larger than the bustle I have this displyed with. They were often horizontal in shape. The tails would've lain flat over it instead of sloping down.

And from the back. The side of the bodice that sticks out a little would have lain smoothly over the hip.

Evidence of remaking. There are lines throughout the bodice where you can see that previous stitching has been taken out. Also, in this corner under the right lapel you can see evidence of piecing. The hemmed piece doesn't quite reach the lapel, so a piece of fabric has been put underneath to fill it in.

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