A c. 1884 Bustle Bodice

A few details of the pleats. The side back seam is sewn to just below the waist. The excess fabric was then pleated, and the remainder of the seam was sewn. The bottom edge of the pleats therefore meets the bottom edge of the bodice.

The silk only has a center back seam in the pleats. They were pleated and then lined. This was likely to strengthen the center back seam.

A detail showing how the bottom of the pleat matches the bottom edge of the bodice. Pleats were very popular and sometimes they extended beyond the bodice's bottom edge.

The cuffs are interlined with a stiff black linen. A piece of ribbed silk forms a facing right at the cuff's edge. The sleeves are pieced as well. The seamline caused by this piecing is hidden by the cuff.

The inside of the silk satin, showing the extra threads used to create the chenille design.

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