My Drop-Front Regency Dress


The standard front and back views.  And my much needed new shelves in the background!


Closer views of the front and back.  The view of the front shows how the drop-front itself fastens.  The lining fastens with hooks and eyes and the bib comes up and buttons over it.  Dresses were normally pinned during the Regency and after adjusting and re-adjusting the hooks and buttons I understand why!  The waistband forms a belt around the back and ties in front, under the bib.  The front of the skirt-apron is gathered starting at the edge of the bib and ending at the edge of the skirt.  The part of the skirt attached to the back has a forward facing pleat at the side openings.  When the skirt-apron is fastened over this, it forms a nearly invisible closure.


The back, detailing the pleating and gathering.  The gathering in the center back has large pleats on either side.  The picture on the right shows one of the side closures.

A detail of the tucks in the sleeve.  I used the sleeve lining to make the sleeve head and extended it using the Sense and Sensibility Regency Gown long sleeve pattern to make a long sleeve.  The sleeves are lined to just above the elbow, based on the example of five drop-front dresses in Nancy Bradfield's Costume in Detail.  This picture and the back skirt picture above also show the self-fabric belt loops used to keep the waistband/belt in place in the back.

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