An Edwardian Dress

c. 1910

The front and back views of the dress.  I set the measurements on my dress form to 31-22-34.  The waist fits perfectly but it's just a little loose in the bust.  It appears to have been made to be worn over and Edwardian S-curve corset.  The bodice appears to lean forward slightly.  The neckline is extremely low and likely would have been filled in with a high necked blouse, or guimpe.

A close-up of the shoulder, showing the tucks that start at the front shoulder seam and go to about the middle or the armscye seam.  The fabric is't really this shiny, but a soft black with only a slight sheen.

The sleeve.  The sleeves are two pieces, similar to an 1860s coat sleeve.  The velvet ribbon is sewn only at the top edge.

The pleated hem.

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