A Swiss Waist, c. 1860

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The waist is shown over my 1860s bodice, reproduction hoop and petticoat.  Though the trim on the bodice doesn't exactly complement the waist, I thought this would be the best way to show it.  Most likely the waist would have been worn with a light-colored dress (the pictures I've seen all have a darker waist than bodice, though admittedly I haven't seen many!).  The red layer is flat-lined with tan cotton twill.  The top and bottom edges are piped with tiny 1/16" red piping.  The seam allowances at the closure edges and the side seams are turned back to form boning casings.   The top point is more shallow than the point at the waist.


The back view looks much like the front, but, unlike the front, the points are the same height


The tucks used to alter the waist.  It has been taken in 1/2" on each side.  The tucks are on the right front and left back pieces.

A close-up of the lacing.


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