A Swiss Waist, c. 1860

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The waist laid out flat.  The construction is quite simple, with just two pieces on each side.


The side seams.The seam allowances have been turned back to form 1/2" casings.  The bones inside are 1/4".  The alteration tucks can be seen quite clearly in these photos.  The picture on the right shows the alteration from the outside.


The waist is laced with tiny handsewn eyelets.  The edges of the fabric are cut on the selvedge, turned back, and whipstitched into place.  The eyelets form the boning channel, there is no separate row of stitching to secure the 1/4" bone.

The back lacing from the inside.


The piping, from both the right and wrong sides.  The 1/16" piping is sewn to the edges, the seam allowance trimmed to 1/8" and the piping is then whipstitched into place.

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